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What is the Difference Between Full or Partial Dentures – Austin

Having white, sparkly and happy teeth is a healthy habit and practice. However, having teeth that are not just healthy and happy on the outside, but also on the inside is difficult to achieve but still is an attainable practice. To give ourselves teeth that not just are healthy outside, but also inside takes a lot of time and effort. Various dental habits need to be maintained to achieve those teeth. Otherwise, there might be a time where we begin losing our natural teeth. Losing our natural teeth is heartbreaking and scary. Our lives depend upon one of the most underrated body part- our teeth. All the nutrition that our body needs and receives, it receives it through our mouth and teeth. If there are going to be fewer teeth in our mouth, then proper amounts of nutrition might not reach our body, and this can further lead to other negative implication for us.

However, no matter how hard we try, how many good dental practices and oral health measures we undertake, we are prone to lose our teeth due to various factors or time and age. Losing our teeth can be a dreadful experience, however, with the advancements in the field of dentistry, we can restore the functionality of our teeth and mouth back with the help of dentures. Dentures are functional replacements for our original and natural teeth and the tissues that surround them. Tooth loss can be covered by the inclusion of dentures to our mouth, that can serve a similar purpose and similar level of functionality. Not only this, but dentures can also restore the aesthetics of our mouth by giving structure to our jaw. They prevent our jaw and faces from sagging and getting sucked in, that can make you look much older than you are. Dentures allow you to easily perform all the daily lifestyle functions of eating, speaking and drinking the same way you were doing before.

At our clinic in Austin, the Cool Creek, dentures are fixed to our patient’s mouth to increase the functionality of their mouth. Our team of professionals deals with two kinds of dentures- Full and Partial.

Full dentures or complete dentures are the dentures that aim at replacing all of your lower missing teeth or your missing upper teeth. On the other hand, partial dentures are the type of dentures that aim at only replacing some of your missing teeth. This can be either on the top jaw or the bottom one.

Full dentures can be further divided into two categories- Conventional dentures and Immediate dentures. The conventional dentures are fixed only after all of your teeth have been removed and some time has been given to them for healing. Whereas, immediate dentures aim at restoring your mouth functionality on an immediate basis because they are fixed immediately after our teeth are removed.

Dentures are a feasible solution for all of us who need the help of “false teeth” to restore their teeth functionality and their facial aesthetics. Consult our team of professionals to know more about dentures and which one can be suited for you. Call us – (512) 288-6440. Or visit us – 6414 River Place Blvd Suite 101 Austin, TX 78730.

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