General Dentistry

general dentistry

Dr. Kristoff and his caring staff are dedicated to making sure your visit for general dentistry is as comfortable and as anxiety-free as possible. Each procedure will be thoroughly discussed with you, and any questions you have will be resolved prior to the start of your care.

Preventive Care

The most cost effective approach to dentistry is great preventive care. We help you save thousands of dollars by offering comfortable cleanings, sealants, & fluoride treatments, as well as show you how to effectively take care of your teeth at home.

Regular preventive cleanings every 6 months, along with an annual examination that includes appropriate X-rays, is the cornerstone of a healthy smile. Schedule a visit with one of our highly skilled dental hygienists, and experience the best dental health possible.

Digital X-Ray

You can experience easier imaging with the latest digital X-ray technology. Our high definition digital sensors give us the ability to detect problems early, while using the lowest possible radiation in all of health care.

Our digital X-ray technology not only provides an instant image, but is also environmentally friendly because it does not require processing chemicals.

Do you have a hard time taking X-rays because of a gag reflex, or uncomfortable bony projections on the inside of your jaw or roof of your mouth? Our Planmeca Digital Panoramic machine gives us the ability to take bitewings and other images of your teeth, without putting anything in your mouth!


Natural looking, tooth-colored fillings have evolved into extremely durable and long lasting restorations. Tooth colored fillings are made of a composite mix of crystals embedded in a biocompatible resin. This composite comes in a variety of shades that allows us to match the appearance of your natural tooth. The composite is bonded directly to the tooth, which strengthens the remaining enamel and provides an extremely durable result.

The traditional amalgam restorations most people had placed as teenagers are not bonded to the tooth. This leads to leakage around the margins of the amalgam and gray discoloration of the enamel. It is quite common to also have new decay develop under an old filling, no matter what type. If the need arises, we will replace your old, discolored filling with a state of the art bonded composite resin. We only use the highest grade materials that are supported by firm and unbiased research.

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