Emergency Dentistry

When you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency, Cool Creek Family Dental works very hard to make sure emergency patients are seen the day they call. We always recommend calling as soon as you feel a problem developing. Please don’t wait… most conditions only get worse with time! If you have an emergency, call first thing in the morning so that we can plan your care into the schedule. This allows us to accommodate emergencies, as well as stay on time with our regularly scheduled patients. Did you catch us after hours? Request an appointment online and let us know it is an emergency. We’ll work very hard to meet your needs the very next business day.

No Treatment For Years

We understand there is a good reason you haven’t been in for so long. Dental fears, budget, or just putting your family ahead of your own needs are all common reasons for not seeking care. You have nothing to be ashamed of… even Dr. Kristoff was once a dental phobic! Needless to say, we can relate to all of your concerns.

We’ll make time for you to talk with the doctor, or our supportive staff if you prefer. Visit our office and see the efforts we’ve made to make the whole experience a great one.

If you like, sit in one of our massaging dental chairs just to take in the view of the canyon preserve below. Cool Creek is not just a dental practice. It is a welcome oasis when you need it most. We don’t pressure our patients under any circumstances, and we move only at your pace. Let us know how we can help!